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How We Help

Coaching Program

Taking your business to the next level or getting it started can feel overwhelming.Trying to do it all on your own can be a discouraging and potentially costly experience. Our coaching programs will help you translate your business vision, goals, and dreams into reality.

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Entrepreneurship Network

Serving as a forum for communication and collaboration among its members, UCEA is the single point of contact for entrepreneurship in the U.S. and China, one that conducts research, teaches courses and/or provides outreach services.

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24/7 Technical Support

Whether a member wants to start a non-profit, be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or become a veterinarian, we care about entrepreneurs getting started on their path and pursuing their dreams.

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UCEA teaches members how to create public companies that will become the major stock picks of investment professionals.

There is a ton of information out on the Internet these days about building your own company and becoming a successful entrepreneur. For those that learn best with interactive visual aids, a dishworld IPTV service connects your computer right to a cable provider. Shop around to get the best price on your service.

Entrepreneurs know that a key to any successful business is efficiency. Running the sales and reporting through your iPod or iPad with NCR Silver allows individuals to do as much work as an accounting office! New business opportunities really become available when you can reduce working hours in your business model.


Entrepreneurial Elite

We strive to accomplish these objectives through weekly Get-Togethers and programs which provide the following and much more:

  • Networking with accomplished entrepreneurs and peers
  • Building real companies 
  • Insightful guest speakers
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Idea growth and peer consultation