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Who We Are


The UCEA is a non-profit organization with the purpose of building a platform between the U.S. and China to improve sharing of information among members and to promote trade and friendship between the two countries.

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We achieve our goals by collaboration and sharing of information, knowledge and experience between our members both in China and the U.S..

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Membership is open to any person and company. Membership is granted after filling in the application form, paying the membership fee, and obtaining approval from the Executive Council.

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About Us


We are a group of US-and-China-based business leaders who have come together to build prosperity and friendship across our borders. 

By harnessing the energy of our members, we can solve problems, enhance the effectiveness of our respective companies, and smooth the roads of trade for all who do business between our two countries. 

As a non-profit organization without any political affiliation, we are dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience to enhance our own and others’ success. Through sharing, we aim to increase each member’s ability to make better decisions, find new opportunities, and grow both personally and professionally. 

Our members include business leaders with personal relationships at the top and local levels of US and Chinese governments, leading exporters of medical devices, clean coal and water remediation technologies, computer equipment, manufacturing, and textiles as well as specialists in legal, cultural, taxation, education, travel, real estate and WTO issues. 

To promote trade, friendship, and cultural awareness, we organize seminars, workshops, and trade missions. We also offer a speakers bureau of our members that is available for outside events. 

UCEA is expanding rapidly, and will offer members access to development offices in Beijing, Shanghai and its headquarters in New York.

Membership is open to all CEOs and senior managers. Each applicant is carefully selected to ensure a proper match of goals and qualifications. We invite you to apply for membership by completing and submitting our application form. Final approval for membership is granted by our Executive Committee.

Founding Members

John Xu

Vice Chairmen
Daqing Su, Gusheng Zhou, Tong Fang

Xinyue (Daniel) Lou

Executive Vice Presidents
Robert Wang, Shaosen Cheng, Yong Li

Vice Presidents
Cherry Huang, Feng Chen, Lijie Zhu, Yue Hao

C. Mark Tang, Hearst Zhang, Henry Ye, Jackie Pang, Jeannie Yi, Ken Leung, Sophia Lin, Vivien Chen, Zhe He, Zhiya Zhu

Hua Li, Shawn Hou

Chief Legal Counsel
Zhiyu Hu

Charles Wang, Daxi Li, Jiaye Xie, Jim Kennedy, Johnny Lu, Samuel Wang