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CorpStarter Training and Mentoring Program


The Chinese Association for Science and Business announced its “Made in NY” startup accelerator, CorpStarter, and kicked off the New York Contest of Startup World Cup, answering Mayor Bloomberg’s call to grow more startups in New York City.

CorpStarter helps growing companies, with an open application process, taking in earlier stage companies consisting of small teams, supporting them with funding, mentoring, training and office space. We are in close partnership with Startup World Cup Contest, a global startup competition.

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CorpStarter Training and Mentoring Program bring insightful advice as well as practical solutions regarding each aspect of entrepreneurship. The audiences include business owners from China and potential investors.

Below is our course outline or visit here to register:


CorpStarter 2013 Spring Training Workshop Schedule





Entrepreneurial Ownership

This course is designed to provide an analytical framework to improve entrepreneurs’ understanding of individual and shared ownership models in their organizations. It will also enhance entrepreneurial skills and capabilities, improve the understanding of the way alternative ownership decisions affect organizational dynamics, and take an in-depth look at specific mechanisms that entrepreneurs can use to create positive ownership outcomes.


Entrepreneurial Operations

This course covers how one translates that conceptual work into physical reality subject to cost and performance constraints. Topics include prototyping, make/buy decisions, subcontracting, economic process design, and supporting quality and control systems.


Entrepreneurial Strategies

This class will provide the entrepreneur with a general strategic management orientation. Topics to be covered include identifying a potentially profitable market space, designing organizational structure, control and incentive systems; competitive analysis; and competing against established incumbents with a new venture.


Entrepreneurial Marketing/PR

Students will learn how to identify needs in a potential market, who has those needs, and the value of the opportunity. Students will learn to construct a value proposition, and the fundamentals of marketing and PR planning, strategy, and research. Topics include segmentation, targeting, and positioning.


Entrepreneurial HR

This class will help students understand the critical aspects to consider when leading an entrepreneurial endeavor. Students will review how to select and recruit a management team, how to design jobs and organization structure, motivate and incentivize employees, manage difficult people, and build high performance teams.


Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

This course offers an examination of the issues that every entrepreneur should understand, from startup to IPO. These issues include: legal concerns that arise when you leave your current employer to start a business; creating an appropriate ownership structure; product innovation; fiduciary responsibilities of management; funding the venture; contracting with vendors and customers; understanding responsibilities for hiring and retaining the best staff; and going public.


Government Relations

This course will provide insight into how these tools of government relations professionals are developed and employed to fairly address the concerns of the organization that government affairs and public policy advocates represent. Successful public policy advocacy begins with a clear understanding of how decisions are made and, therefore, whom to influence and how to influence them.


Entrepreneurial Accounting

Students will learn the basic concepts and methods used in financial and managerial accounting to (1) help the entrepreneur make decisions, (2) understand the results of the period, and (3) communicate those results to outsiders. Financial accounting topics include the basic accounting model, transactions analysis, and the major statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement).


Entrepreneurial Finance

This course teaches how to finance the entrepreneurial firm, whether that firm is a newly formed (startup) business or an entrepreneurial firm formed by the acquisition of an existing firm. Students will learn about valuation and structuring of the investment in the entrepreneurial firm; capital budgeting in an entrepreneurial setting; external capital acquisition; financing valuation, structure and term sheets; and financial aspects of organization characteristics of entrepreneurial firms.


Capital Raising Presentation

One of the hardest presentations to generate will be the entrepreneurial pitch. You’ve got an incredible concept for an organization and also you want an individual to present you cash to produce it take place. The problem is that enterprise capitalists, and angel buyers are heavily predisposed in opposition to you. This course will teach you practical presentation skills for entrepreneurs.




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